Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fairy Princess Pumpkin House--part 1: Inspiration

I love all things miniature.  Always have!  Several years ago, I went to a miniatures show, and purchased an undressed old woman with green skin...a witch!  ("A Witch!  A Witch!  Burn the Witch!  She's a Witch!" ...for all you Monty Python fans)  That single purchase inspired me to create a witch house in miniature, and even spawned the idea for a novel.  The novel is in progress (very slow...don't often get time for writing!), and I've been collecting things for the Witch house for years. 

Recently, I took out the box with all my witch stuff, and the kit for the house, and got inspired to start working on it.  But then...I got a little sidetracked.  I was looking online for ideas and inspiration, and came across a tutorial for making a Halloween house out of a "funkin"--those styrofoam/molded pumpkins the craft stores sell.  I was worried that doing a whole house would be too big a project to start now (it probably is), and loved the idea of making a house out of a found object (I love the miniature book "Miniature Worlds in 1/12 Scale"--they make houses out of teapots, etc!).  So the wheels in my brain began spinning, and pretty soon, I was sketching out plans to make my daughter a dollhouse out of a Fun-Kin. 

Part of the idea is to make Halloween fun--my daughter has developed a fear of the "scary" things at the craft store, and has claimed that Halloween scares her.  So, I'm planning a bunch of things to make Halloween fun and not scary.  I thought that a Halloween-themed dollhouse would be a great idea!  I've designed it to be the perfect size for her little Princess and Polly Pocket dolls...the "Fairy Princess Pumpkin House", complete with furniture.

I thought it would be an inexpensive project, but going to the craft store means inevitably purchasing about a gazillion other things, far, it would be far more inexpensive to buy her a play dollhouse. wouldn't be as unique, special, or nearly as fun to create!

I will post progress on the house as I go along.  Last night, I began carving (after cleaning up work space in my room!) and fitted the floors.  I have an order for a beaded bracelet, and I need to work on that, too, so... priorities!

Look for the next installment soon!