Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ideas that keep me awake at night

After the flurry of preparation that was the two months before MADC Convention in Louisville, I've had time to really explore the world of BJD dolls, and have fallen in love with the Tinies.  6 inches or smaller--yep, those are my little doll magnets.  But...I'm afraid to take a big plunge with regards to buying an expensive one.  So... I invested in a tiny little Obitsu 11 cm doll. 

I'd actually forgotten that I ordered her!  So when she arrived in the mail, I was shocked at the size of the package.  This is a TINY doll... barely 4 1/2 inches tall...  And I am in LOVE!!  This little articulated body has me planning all kinds of adorable tiny little clothes, and thinking of all my fine laces, etc. kept me up until 3 am last night!! sewing room is a disaster area.  So...time to do a quick cleanup!!  I will post pictures later...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Organization, or the lack thereof

I spent several hours online last night, browsing through link upon link, starting with a pin on Pinterest (I was browsing one of my boards), learning all kinds of tricks for storage and organization of your house, etc.  Having a bit of OCD, I was in heaven!  But... I was also frustrated.

I learned a new term for myself a while back:  Omnicrafter.  Yep, I do all kinds of crafts--I've joked that I've never met a craft I didn't like.  And, of course, because my crafting space is small, I'm always looking for ways to contain the clutter and make the space more useful.  Sigh.  As if.

So, I followed links on organizing your craft spaces.  So very frustrating.  All these cute little setups for specific things.  Repurposing a closet for paper crafts.  Cool.  But I don't have a closet to do that.  How about an old Armoire?  Sure...if I ever find one, and then find someplace to put it!  Organizing ribbons--cute little holders for a few spools.  I have mountains of ribbons...drawers of spools!  It occurred to me that I may be unique--I may simply be a craft hoarder.  And I'm doomed.  I have so much STUFF to make crafts, finding just one place to centralize it is impossible.  I have a serger and an embroidery machine gathering dust on shelves I could use for other storage.  What should I do with them?  My new machine has a whole box of sewing accessories that is gathering dust in my bedroom closet. 

So...depressing as it is, I need to figure out a better way to organize my stuff.  No cutesy, decorative solutions will work.  Why?  Well....

Let's see:  My sewing room is a bedroom/office.  I have a small walk-in closet with lots of wire shelving.  Those shelves are currently covered in boxes, tons and tons of doll boxes.  I have bins and boxes on the floor, stacked up, labeled.  Fabric, old hats for re-crafting, yarns, projects, etc.  I have neat organizers on my desk, but it is overflowing with clutter.  My file drawer in my desk won't close, so it continuously bangs my left knee, as it sticks out 4 inches and has pointy, sharp, evil corners.  I have fabric in bins stacked two-high underneath my table, two drawer towers full of various things (labeled, of course!), mountains of fabric piled up on my table, photo printer and regular scanner/printer on top of my desk organizers, die-cutting machine neatly covered under a shelf that was originally designed for holding a printer, little things all over the place. Bookshelves anchored to the walls, holding bolts of lace, organizer boxes full of beads, buttons, and other embellishments, labeled boxes of sequins, embroidery floss, needle felting materials, Styrofoam stuff, silk flowers, binders full of patterns and ideas, drawers full of patterns, with bins of ribbons, trims, and other embellishments as well.  Yes, it is a sort of insanity.

And my paper crafts are taking up a five-foot area of the hallway.  When I paper craft, I have to haul things out of the hallway to where I am working.  Kinda sad, really.  All things considered, my husband and I should have switched offices--his is much larger than mine.  But then, where would the guests sleep?  Sigh.

I have dreams of being organized...such lovely dreams...