Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ideas that keep me awake at night

After the flurry of preparation that was the two months before MADC Convention in Louisville, I've had time to really explore the world of BJD dolls, and have fallen in love with the Tinies.  6 inches or smaller--yep, those are my little doll magnets.  But...I'm afraid to take a big plunge with regards to buying an expensive one.  So... I invested in a tiny little Obitsu 11 cm doll. 

I'd actually forgotten that I ordered her!  So when she arrived in the mail, I was shocked at the size of the package.  This is a TINY doll... barely 4 1/2 inches tall...  And I am in LOVE!!  This little articulated body has me planning all kinds of adorable tiny little clothes, and thinking of all my fine laces, etc. kept me up until 3 am last night!! sewing room is a disaster area.  So...time to do a quick cleanup!!  I will post pictures later...

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